All systems, files and extracts are cationstudio’s intellectual property and only authorized persons and server are allowed to use it. Files and extracts from other authors are exceptions. In these exceptions, you have to apply their copyright.
A working installation of ArmA Life RPG Framework is required for a successful installation. Modifying the ArmA Life RPG Framework could cause errors – feel free to contact our
support if you have a problem.

This guide assumes that the cation core system is installed.

Make sure to make a backup before you go on!


Step 1

Copy the attached folder “spawn” in your “cation” folder that can be found in the  root folder (subsequently called <mission>) of your mission.

Step 2

Open <mission>/cation/cation_functions.cpp and insert

#include "spawn\functions.cpp"

and save the file.

Step 3

Open <mission>/cation/cation_master.cpp and insert

#include "spawn\config.cpp"

and save the file.

Step 4

Open <mission>/cation/cation_remoteExec.cpp and insert

#include "spawn\remoteExec.cpp"

and save the file.

Step 5

Open the files <mission>/core/fn_initMedic.sqf, <mission>/core/fn_initCop.sqf, <mission>/core/fn_initCiv.sqf and <mission>/dialog/deathScreen.hpp and replace




and save the file.

That’s it!

You have installed the cationstudio spawnscreen successfully!


You can adjust cam height in <mission>/cation/spawn/config.cpp.


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