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Storing items made easy


Not every player can buy his own house when he starts playing on your server. But he wants to store items unitl his next session. Our locker system helps! Items can be stored to the locker inventory and are saved to the database. Multiple upgrade levels can be defined thus at the beginning the player can’t store too many items in the locker and has to upgrade his locker inventory.

There are also seperate lockers for cops and medics.

On top Y-items can be transfered dircectly from inventories of vehicles nearby the locker.

New: Locker is fully integrated in crafting system V2.


  • configure upgrade levels
  • protected against duping
  • items categorized in Y-items, weapons, ArmA items and equipment
  • y-items can be transfered directly from the vehicle inventory to the locker
  • every player has one locker per side (civ, cop, medic, opfor)
  • store all/take all via double click
  • immediately synchronized with database
  • multilingual texts
  • headless-client is supported
  • easy installation

Additional information


cationstudio core system

ArmA RPG Life Version, 4.4x, 5.0



  • Update for new crafting system. Please replace
    • fn_canStore.sqf
    • fn_handleItemLocker.sqf
    • fn_init.sqf
    • fn_initDialog.sqf
    • fn_refreshDialog.sqf
    • fn_storeItem.sqf
    • fn_takeItem.sqf
    • fn_upgrade.sqf


  • Fix storing magazines: please update fn_handleItemPlayer.sqf


  • Fix multi-language support: please change fn_getText.sqf


  • Dupingfix: replace fn_handleItemPlayer.sqf
  • Headlessclient Bugfix: replace fn_updateTrunkHC.sqf


  • Fix: Locker doesn’t store items for east fraction in database. Please replace fn_updateTrunk.sqf and fn_updateTrunkHC.sqf.

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