Management System


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Ingame rank and license management


You want to promote your unit after a successful test? You want to pay out an addition to a unit’s salary? No problem. The management system makes it easy to hire, promote, degrade units, add or remove licenses or give money. The id card is updated within the next relog. With this tool you can change ranks without any external tool!


  • ingame rank management
  • ranks are updated after relog
  • hire civilists
  • add and remove licenses
  • give money
  • granular permissions
  • tablet UI
  • headless-client is supported
  • multilingual texts
  • easy installation

Additional information

ArmA RPG Life Version

4.4x, 5.0


cationstudio core system



  • Prevent opening menu if other player is more than 5m away: please replace fn_initPerm.sqf


  • Fix multi-language support: please change fn_getText.sqf


  • Now compatible with duty system
  • Update fn_initPerm.sqf und add [] spawn cat_perm_fnc_initPerm; to the bottom of core/init.sqf.