Reporting System


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Central unit coordination


Coordinating many operations at once in one voice channel can be difficult. With our reporting system your team units can send status codes to the central control. Thus the central control now knows what its units are doing and can manage them by better.


  • seperate system for police and medics
  • predefinied status codes
  • status codes can be edited
  • ‘central control’ tablet can be open upon definied cop/medic level
  • ingame explanations of status codes
  • units as well as central control can send status codes
  • cool UI
  • multilingual texts
  • easy installation

Additional information

ArmA RPG Life Version, 4.0-4.3x, 4.4x, 5.0


cationstudio core system



  • Fix multi-language support: please change fn_getText.sqf