In the past some guys have discussed whether it is possible to plant e.g. trees on a vanilla map without using mods on your server.

I started a research and after some minutes I came up with the command 
createSimpleObject. It works fine but it is very inconvenient if you plan to plant more objects at once.

The solution is a mod called ACD. Just download and activate it. Then open the ArmA 3 Eden Editor and place objects from side empty -> ACD decorations -> Trees.

side empty -> ACD decorations -> Trees
place the objects in the desired location and select all

Once you finished placing your objects, select all objects and right-click on the selected objects -> Export to script -> as simpleObject.

export to script -> as simpleObject

Now you copied the objects as simpleObjects in your clipboard. In the next step create a new .sqf file and paste the code from your clipboard. You can now close ArmA 3 and deactivate ACD mod.

To execute the script on your server, install cationstudio core system, download and paste the folder objects to <mission>/cation/ an add to <mission>/cation/cation_functions.cpp the line

#include "objects\functions.cpp"

and to <mission>/cation/cation_master.cpp

#include "objects\config.cpp"

and to <mission>/cation/cation_remoteExec.cpp

#include "objects\remoteExec.cpp"

Now paste the .sqf file created earlier to <mission>/cation/files and add the filename to the data[] array in <mission>/cation/objects/config.cpp:

data[] = {

That’s it!


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